About Amy

Amy is our youngest apprentice and the light of the studio, she commutes across Dublin everyday for work and yet she never arrives without smiles and the most amazing presence. She loves getting to know all of the clients and will talk to anyone who walks through the doors.

Her love and passion for all things hair is inspiring, weather it be classes or at home practicing on dolls heads or bribing her sister with a fiver to use her as a model at home.


 We are so proud of how much she has grown since beginning her apprentice under a year ago. This girl is going incredible places and we cannot wait to be there beside her all the way.

Amy is that girl who always has delicious homemade dinners for her lunch while we all waste our money on deliveroo, she is saving to travel the world. Something I am certain she will do one day.



Artist Apprentice


10 Ranelagh Village,

Dublin 6.

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