About Aoife

Aoife is one of the cutting specialists in the studio she has a passion for short haircuts as the thrill of a precise cut is what she lives for in hairdressing. 

The first human to join the team of wildflower artists and we are so proud of that. ⠀⠀
Aoife is the vegan of the studio, and is the one who says things exactly how they are, the one who gets shit done and doesn’t waste a minute. She has our back through thick and thin and never without a smile on her face.


She is one of a kind and I guess that’s exactly why her and Danielle have been best friends since they were six years old. 


Aoife also has a passion for Irish dancing and is an Irish dancing teacher in the McGrath Flood Irish dancing academy where she spends any time outside of the studio. As if she isn’t busy enough, we praise her for the amount of time and effort she puts in to both jobs! But most importantly Aoife is also a mother to her son James, an incredible mother, an incredible woman. We really love you so much.



Hair Artist


10 Ranelagh Village,

Dublin 6.

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