Aoife Mc Grath  


Meet Aoife, Our "Tree Hugger".

1. When did you begin your hair career? 
My passion started when I was 14 using box dye and kitchen foil to give Danielle brown 'chunks'. Then when I was 16 I joined Toni&Guy part time and that only lasted 6 months until I became full time.

2. What part of hairdressing is your number one thing you like to do? 
I love a good clean precise haircut. The thrill and buzz I get when someone says 'cut it all off'. I also love when blonde hair turns out shiny, we all know how difficult it is to get a shine on pre-lightened hair!

3. If you swap hair with anyone in the world who would it be? 
I always like jlos hair, but maybe I just want to be her.


4. What product can you not live without? 
my all time favourite product is label.m blowout spray, you just can't go wrong! my new guilty pleasure is Mr.smith creme...obsessed!

5. The things you like to do that are not work related?
spending all my free time with my 3year old love James. I also have an Irish dancing school that takes up lots of my time too. and yoga.

6. Do you have any furry babies?
I've never had any furry babies. I'm not really a pet animal lover. I mean I do love animals but in the vegan way.


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