Hair Artist

About Conor

Conor is the transformation specialist of the studio and will be able to transform just about anything into a masterpiece.

Conor has been in the industry for many years and has gathered an extraordinary amount of knowledge over this time, along with many awards and courses under his belt. Watching him work is inspiring and motivating, his passion and his belief in himself is some of the many reasons he is so successful. He takes no bullshit and says things exactly how they are, he will not promise results that may not work out but rather works with his clients to have an open approach and they can work together to ensure a beautiful result.

He is an educator, someone who really enjoys helping others expand their skills and experiment with all aspects of the industry but at the same time makes it fun and supply’s his students with endless Prosecco !

Although he may be a master in his craft he is also one of the messiest people in the studio and loves leaving his mark on the basins with colours and bowls all over the gaff, if you’re missing a comb or brush 99% chance it will accidentally appear in Conor’s trolly.

But we wouldn’t change him for the world, each days we all learn together and from each other and we are so grateful for all Conor has taught us and for completing the studio atmosphere 


10 Ranelagh Village,

Dublin 6.

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