Danielle Garner  


Meet Danielle, the Workaholic!

1. When did you begin your hair career? 
So I started working in Herman’s in Dundrum at 16. I had completed trainsition year work experience there and they told me I could apply for a job when I was sixteen, I rang every week from the January to April until they said yes, then went on to Peter Mark. The day after I sat my leaving cert was my first day in work for 8 years and I qualified after 3 years. I then went on to do lots of shows and courses to develop my skills and continue upskill today. 

2. What part of hairdressing is your number one thing you like to do?
My favourite thing to do is session work (photoshoots, fashion week etc) i get such a buzz from creating a character without changing the models natural hair permanently. Don’t get me wrong I am obsessed with colouring and cutting too I’m just a complete nerd to be honest. I just love hair.

3.If you swap hair with anyone in the world who would it be? 
Hmm let me think. Probably Rosie Huntington whitely but it could just be her face.

4. What product can you not live without? 
The one product I wouldn’t be able to live without is Mr. Smith creme, it’s like an anti frizz balm that you can put in to any hair type to remove all the tiny flyaways that naturally occur. It just creates a beautiful polished finish.

5. The things you like to do that are not work related?
The things I love to do that aren’t worked related would be - yoga, watching sunsets and sunrises (we get to see these everyday isn’t that just wonderful), planning and going on holidays. going to the pictures, researching fashion, shopping & spending quality time with the people I love.

6. Do you have an fur babies? 
I’ve not pets, because I’m highly allergic to cats and dogs, I like to look at them from a far but can’t touch them without my nose being like a tap.


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