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Here at Wildflower we want to show you different ways that hormones can affect your hair and ways you can treat both yourself and your hair with kindness in different cycles within your life.

Puberty, Menopause, Pregnancy, all of these can trigger different affects on your hair. Thyroid issues can also interfere with your hormones and can create different levels of hormones.

Puberty: Puberty causes an increase in reproductive hormones. The increase in hormones can stimulate the production of oil, which may result in oily hair.

Menopause: Menopause causes hormonal shifts, and that may also mean changes to the hair. Before menopause, women produce small amounts of testosterone. They also produce larger amounts of estrogen. After menopause many women can see the affect on their hair, predominantly hair thinning.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, increases in progesterone and estrogen affect the hair cycle. The hormones can facilitate a growth phase of the hair cycle, which causes less daily hair shedding. Hair may appear thicker. But after delivery, as hormone levels drop to pre-pregnancy levels, the normal growth/shedding cycle returns to normal. It might seem like your hair is falling out more than normal, but it is just returning to the normal growth cycle, so don’t get too anxious.

Stress Hormones: can also have a significant effect on your hair. Increased levels of adrenaline are released, which may disrupt the hair’s life cycle leading to longer periods in the shedding phase.

Here are a few Wildflower suggestions to help you through the different life cycles:

- Don’t panic, a cycle always changes, it’s not forever, try and acknowledge how you’re feeling, and understand how you can support yourself to get through this.

- You can also balance your hormone levels, there are many different ways to improve your symptoms. Speak to a doctor or nutritionist, perhaps have a blood test.

- Nutritional values are always essential, so you can feel in control of your cycles, and also give yourself extra kindness with lots of goodness.

- Stress is sadly a painful and important part of these cycles, why not try and find different ways of altering your stress: such as exercise, deep breathing, and meditation.

- Be gentle with yourself, and be gentle with your hair. Gentle shampoos, gentle brushing. Gentle to your mental health and wellbeing.

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