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This topic is so important to us, being there for women in all stages of life means the world to us. And postpartum hair loss is often discussed, but it hasn’t been discussed enough in a safe space, where vulnerability is at the core.

Before anything, we want to tell you that you’re not alone. Don’t panic. You’re just going back to normal with your hormones.

And also: If you’re breastfeeding, some of your extra hair may hang on to your scalp until you wean or begin solids or formula.

Regardless: Take comfort in knowing that this time too will pass and your hair is growing back as fast as it is falling out.

Just a little extra information if you want to know more:

‘Postpartum shedding’ doesn't happen immediately after your baby is born or you have lost a pregnancy. In fact, noticeable hair loss can come as a surprise after other postpartum symptoms have passed, with peak hair loss around four to five months postpartum. If it happens to you - please, please remember (as we’ve said) you are not alone - about half of all new mums experience the condition.

And we’ve taken a little look into why —just to give you a little piece of mind — your hair usually grows in cycles (growing phase, the resting phase, shedding phase repeat) but during pregnancy, most of the hair stays in the growth phase due to the big changes in the body's hormones.

And at Wildflower, we want you to know that there is love here, and you can ask us any questions or talk to us as a community. We also want to start this conversation — what have you tried? Or someone you know has tried that has helped? Even if it’s a lending hand.

We know we don’t have a cure but we do have some Wildflower advice that we have picked up from the team and we really hope some of it is useful:

- Try a new haircut to make your hair appear fuller and help you hair regrowth blend in

- I know it's hard for some mums but try to avoid tight hairstyles hair that puts a strain on your scalp

- Try some volumising shampoos and lightweight conditioners that don't weigh down your hair here are some possible options for you

- Eat well take prenatal vitamins show your body and as a result, your hair is getting all of the nutrients as needs

- Turn down the heat. Skip blow-dryers, curling and flat irons if you can.

- Take a break from chemically based treatments. Put off any highlights, perms and straightening sessions until the shedding stops

- Talk to your doctor, have some bloods done

- We are here, if you need someone, talk to someone

With love and kindness,

The Wildflowers xo

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