About Shannon

Meet Shannon, our lovely assistant. Our first apprentice. The life of Wildflower. The girl who never wants to leave, even though she only lives down the road. 

Shannon was actually a client of Shaunas and what made me remember her, was her kindness and lovely smile. At Christmas we were told that a girl named Shannon had left the whole team some gifts. Homemade scones, I will never forget this. 

When I put up on social media that we were looking for an assistant I was hoping and wishing that Shannon would apply for it. She didn’t. For two weeks. I was devastated. Then one day I got an email, from Shannon Kenny applying for her job, that was waiting for her. I was delighted. We met, and I headed off to fashion week. Got the team to decide if Our new assistant was a fit for Wildflower. And sure enough she was, we’ve never looked back.

Shannon is also our social media gal, which I am very grateful for, always saying the right thing and coming up with new ideas. 



Studio Assistant


10 Ranelagh Village,

Dublin 6.

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