Our Philosophy

Just like the Earths flowers, you must allow yourself to flourish in places you never thought you could. 

Our intention is to encourage growth, in a conscious, safe environment where a creative flow comes naturally.

Through passion, confidence and love, we hope to empower our industry without overshadowing each other, And we will make everything around us beautiful.

Welcome to our Happy place.


A place where you can relax in the comfort that your artists and their expertise will consult and create the hair you have always wanted. Our little oasis is full of wonder and joy, you will receive a personalised experience at each visit. 

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We have tailor made our services just for you, the client, to receive highest quality of hair techniques in colour, cut and styling.

Prices are based on consultation.

We have created a space to echo the voices and stories of beautiful sustainable Irish Businesses that we love. Along with a selection of the best haircare for you.

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10 Ranelagh Village,

Dublin 6.

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